Our vision is to be a leading provider of quality perform and closure and safe drinking bottled water and be the primary choice of consumers in Ethiopia, Africa, the Middle East and beyond by continuing to develop quality innovative beverage products.


Our mission is to contribute toward a healthier society by providing quality and affordable drinking water using company competitive advantage. We are committed to innovation; quality and great customer care. Our goal is to supply the highest quality perform and closure and drinking water to local and international markets. We aim to create good working environment whereby our employees feel valued and motivated. We strive for minimizing cost, maximizing profit, increasing market share, and building highly effective and efficient organization. We also hope to build great network of suppliers and loyal following amongst our customer. Additionally, we are dedicated to give back to our society and adopt carbon free industry supporting green economy.

Core Values

1. Establishing relationship with customers based on trust
2. Providing quality products
3. Commitment
4. Honesty and integrity
5. Respect for customers
6. Accountability

Our Merits

1. We have various machinery with different sizes to accommodate many orders at the same time.
2. Our brand is well known throughout the nation as quality of our products is our main focus.
3.Our highly technological machinery along with our well-trained employees makes us leaders in the market
4.“Customer is king” hence, we have a strong customer focus
5.We have company vehicles on stand-by for finished product delivery
6.24/7 production therefore faster delivery time

Our Products

we produce different size of Perform.

Perform 13 gm and 18 gm
Perform 22 gm 28 gm and 30 gm
Perform 40 gm and 44 gm

We produce 2 types of closure 28mm and 30mm.

Jar Cup

We produce 20L Jar cap and 20L jar bottle.


We are producing 20 Ltr Jar

Natran Tanks

We produce different sizes of water tanks ranging from 300 liters to 3000 liters.

our 1000Ltr,2000Ltr and 3000Ltr Tanks
Plastic Pallets

we produce high quality plastic pallets with size 1.21X1.11X0.15 metter

Our Sister Company =>


Bisrat Plc is a manufacturer of home goods plastic products, water tanks, plastic boots shoes, PVC pipes, plastic raw materials, and corrugated iron sheets.for more info  visit this website

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Bitwoded Bahiru Abereham Industry (BBAI)  was established in 2009 E.C in Oromia Region sebeta subcity, with a total capital of ETB One Hundred Seventy Six Million. It is currently engaged in the production of Natran Tanks, Perform , closure and plastic pallet.

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